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Five Steps to a Financially Healthy Veterinary Practice

Emmitt Nantz
28 Jun 2024

Whether you’re looking to manage expenses more effectively or aiming to enhance your hospital’s valuation for a future sale, this webinar is for you!

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As a veterinary practice leader, you’re no stranger to the delicate balance of providing excellent patient care, ensuring employee satisfaction, and maintaining profitability. However, a financially robust practice is essential for the well-being of all involved. Solid revenue not only elevates your business’s value but also ensures ongoing success for you, your team, your clients, and their pets.

Achieving financial health in a veterinary practice requires a proactive and strategic approach. This involves setting goals, monitoring essential metrics, staying informed about economic trends, implementing an effective pricing strategy, and leveraging technology to optimize workflows and improve operational efficiency.

Watch our webinar to discover strategies for maximizing your business’s financial health so that you can reinvest in your team, achieve a successful exit, or finance your next big thing.

The webinar covers:

  • The influence of economic trends on practice valuations
  • Essential elements for creating a profitable practice
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) and the critical metrics you should monitor
  • Easily accessible opportunities for financial optimization
  • Effective strategies for reducing Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Adjusting pricing strategies to maximize profitability
  • The main considerations for practice owners when contemplating selling their business
  • How to harness technology for enhanced efficiencies and why having a good PIMS is not enough

Our experts

Emmitt Nantz

Emmitt Nantz has been part of the veterinary family for nearly two decades and is driven by a personal mission to make the veterinary domain better. Emmitt spent 12 years working at Banfield, starting out as a single-site hospital manager. Having majored in agriculture business management, he expanded his education to include an MBA, a Black Belt in Six Sigma, and a Project Management Certification.

Emmitt applied these learnings at Banfield and later as a Chief Operating Officer at Galaxy Vets, where he created large-scale operational improvements for the entire group with a focus on improving employee and client satisfaction. In pursuit of his passion for workflow optimization, Emmitt honed his expertise in a critical area that often plagues hospitals’ bottom lines – inventory management. He co-founded Inventory Ally, an all-in-one cloud software designed to help veterinary professionals reduce inventory costs, streamline processes, and save time.

Keri Kamba

Keri Kamba is an influential leader in the veterinary industry, currently serving as the founder and president of Hometown Veterinary Partners. With over a decade of experience in both start-ups and corporations, she excels in management, operational excellence, and mergers and acquisitions. Her strategic leadership and dedication to innovation have transformed veterinary medicine, supporting veterinarians at all career stages and driving significant performance improvements in the sector.

Before founding Hometown Veterinary Partners, Keri supported over 1,300 veterinary professionals across multiple states for 13 years. She is renowned for her expertise in strategic leadership, organizational development, and talent management. Her efforts in developing effective onboarding programs and coaching techniques have notably reduced turnover rates and unemployment claims. Keri’s dedication has earned her prestigious accolades, including the North America Culture Champion Award, recognizing her commitment to excellence.

David McCormick

David McCormick is a veterinary practice appraiser, broker, and transaction specialist with Simmons & Associates. For over 20 years, he has been helping owners improve their practice’s profitability, facilitating successful practice transactions and helping current and future practice owners reach their goals. He teaches nationally and internationally on topics including practice value and practice financial health, buying/selling a practice, exit planning and other practice ownership issues. When not working, he is with his wife Susan and their twin 17 year old sons or he is probably on a nearby disc golf course.

Bruce L. Truman

Bruce L. Truman is a companion animal health business executive with over 20 years of experience specializing in PetTech. His areas of expertise are business development, companion animal healthcare informatics, emerging digital technologies, and diagnostic startups, as well as the marketing and sales management of veterinary and OTC animal health products/services.

Bruce has served as an Advisory Board Member for Innogenics, Inc., VP Business Development and VP Marketing for VCA Vetstreet, Senior Director of Sales for Summit VetPharm, Senior Director Animal Health Strategic Business Unit for Hartz, Senior Marketing Manager of Parasiticides for Zoetis, and Brand Manager Parasiticides for Merial’s Frontline and Heartgard. Bruce is the Immediate Past President of VetPartners, he currently serves on the CATalyst Council and is the Founder and President of BLT Technology and Innovation Group.