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Inventory Ally Pricing

Explore our affordable pricing options designed to meet the needs of veterinary practices and groups of all sizes.

Our subscription tiers are tied to your average monthly inventory spend. Let’s see where you are:

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$ 399 / month
  • Supplier Integrations
  • PIMS Integrations
  • Basic reporting + analytics
  • Automatic updates
  • Unlimited Users
  • Account backup
  • Custom Setup
  • Audit log and notes
  • Basic chat support
  • Feature requests

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Discover how Inventory Ally can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive success for your entire network.

‘I have found Inventory Ally to work exceptionally well in helping my team effectively manage our inventory.’
Hans Bernhard
Hans Bernhard
DVM, Director of Business Ops at Vets Pets
‘Inventory Ally is going to be a big part of helping me take COGS to 8.5% because I’m taking the guesswork out of our teams and that subjective nature of how they order.’
Norman Retes
Norman Retes
COO at Summit Veterinary Referral Center, Ethos
‘They have never purchased that little inventory in any given month since their acquisition date. In the last 2 years they have run at 28-29% COGS, and these last 4 months they have gone from 29% to 21%.’
Shelby Moats
Shelby Moats
COO at Curo Pet Care
‘We’ve watched their cogs, every period, continue to decrease.’
Laura Bresiger
Laura Bresiger
Leadership Success Coach at Encore Vet Group
‘I like the fact that it almost thinks for you. Kind of that second brain.’
Aimee Herbstreith
Aimee Herbstreith
Practice Manager at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, Galaxy Vets
Inventory Ally
Deployment Ready to go in < 60 minutes
Inventory Management Dynamic, predictive replenishment for all inventory
Cost-Efficiency Pay for 5 years of IA with first 12 weeks of savings
Scalability Add new hospitals in minutes
Operational Efficiency Self adjusts to meet demand
Support and Training Dedicated support and training for all users
Financial Insights and ROI Analysis Deep financial insights to COGS KPIs
Inventory Cabinets
Deployment Requires physical hardware
Inventory Management Static reorder points for some inventory
Cost-Efficiency Significant upfront hardware/construction costs
Scalability Requires additional hardware for each facility
Operational Efficiency Manual adjustments to reorder points
Support and Training Support varies by vendor, focused on hardware
Financial Insights and ROI Analysis Basic insights for products under management
PIMS Inventory
Deployment Extensive Setup and training required
Inventory Management Static reorder points for items that transact
Cost-Efficiency Low. High labor to maintain with low accuracy
Scalability Requires PIMS replacement
Operational Efficiency Manual adjustments to reorder points
Support and Training Low inventory focus
Financial Insights and ROI Analysis Basic financial reporting

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