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Stop Budgeting,
Optimize Instead

Unlock new opportunities for margin expansion by streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enabling efficiency at scale.

Professionals drive ROI instead of minimizing costs.

Before Inventory Ally, the only real options to managing COGS, the second largest expense on the P&L, was to limit weekly spend and squeeze suppliers for lower costs. Take your control to another level by optimizing turnover, analyzing formulary, empowering partnerships, and maximizing returns.


Why Veterinary Groups Choose Inventory Ally

How about 5 more points of EBITDA?

Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Hospitals save 4-8 hours per week, focusing the team on patients and clients instead.

System Integrations

Connect all of your suppliers and all of your PIMS for each hospital to bring full network visibility and control without forcing tech conformity.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Monitor inventory on hand, weekly spend, category movements, redundant formulary, product margins and sales mix for the entire group.

Centralized Planning with Local Customization

Review and update product formulary, identify margin opportunities and streamline suppliers while giving hospitals the ability to customize their account within defined settings.

Scalability for Multi-location Operations

Our team of experts know how to implement software at scale. We offer an end-to-end training program that connects leaders, managers and hospital teams for a seamless rollout. We focus on socializing change and building champions to enable high adoption.

Streamlined Procurement and Vendor Management

Connect your suppliers and streamline your procurement process by submitting orders directly to your preferred e-commerce platforms. Maximize your agreements with custom controls and automated shopping carts and take your vendor relationships to the next level.

Customizable Access Controls

Assign user permissions, customize access and set safety stock ranges. Require strong passwords and automate efficiencies for the whole group. Meanwhile, hospitals can merge items, adjust safety stock, change frequencies and assign users.

One-of-a-kind Insights

Analyze compliance, identify trends, uncover loss and tackle redundancy with our one-of-a-kind dashboards that give you unprecedented insights into your inventory drivers.

Dedicated Support, Training and Parternship

From onboarding to support and insights to strategy, our expert team is here to help you maximize your EBITDA through inventory.

Data Security and Reliability

Your data is specific to your network and includes sensitive information. We use secure, cloud-based services to keep it safe at all times.

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