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with the first-ever Inventory Management Software designed exclusively for veterinary practices.

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Update: Inventory Ally is currently enrolling practices by invitation only! 🎉 Invitations will be sent to each person on the waitlist (in the order they joined).

You have a lot on your plate when it comes to managing your practice and your inventory.

Managing inventory is hard but it doesn't have to be.


  • Save Time
  • Eliminate Stockouts
  • Reduce Your Inventory Costs

Save Time (and Your Sanity!)

Streamline your ordering and inventory process & stop fighting with your PiMS system. Order only once or twice a week instead of daily!

Reduce Your Inventory Costs

Optimize your inventory to reduce costs. Practices see COGS drop up to 10 points or more within 6 months by optimizing their replenishment cycles.

Know Exactly What to Order

Know exactly what to order each week with our proprietary order guide customized for your practice's ordering trends.

End Stock Outs for Good

Stock outs are a huge pain and frustrating for the entire team. Except for backorders, eliminate stock outs and have exactly what you need on-hand.

"I have been able to shave off about an hour or so of inventory time each week at a minimum.

I have enjoyed having one day to focus primarily on my order and inventory as a whole. I even catch other things in the hospital I may have otherwise overlooked in regard to my inventory. I have also seen a decrease in stock out items."

- Current Inventory Ally Test User

We've launched! 🎉

At this time, practices can join Inventory Ally by invitation only. Sign up for the waitlist for an invitation when a spot is available.

Designed Exclusively for Veterinary Practices

We've worked with hundreds of veterinary practices, from small rural large animal practices to 100+ veterinary specialty centers in large metropolitan areas, developing inventory systems for their unique practice. Now, we're bringing intelligent, dynamic inventory ordering to you.

Just Imagine...

  • Knowing that your inventory costs are under control
  • Knowing exactly what to order, how much, and when
  • Not having to fight with your practice management system to get your inventory right
  • No longer having to stress and wonder why your costs are out of control
  • Having an easy inventory strategy for ALL the items in your practice (including your hospital supplies!)
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"My time spent on inventory has been reduced and I don't feel stressed to place an order every day. I don't have any complaints and would recommend it to other clinics."

- Current Inventory Ally Test User

We Know Inventory.

Nicole Clausen, CSSGB, CCFP is an inventory management consultant and educator for  veterinary professionals. After 13 years in the veterinary industry, she's helped thousands of inventory managers across the country to develop efficient and effective inventory strategies.

Her clients include national & regional corporations such as MWI Animal Health and Covetrus, hospital groups, and private veterinary hospitals all across the United States. She regularly speaks at different industry-sponsored conferences on inventory management, including the Veterinary Hospital Manager’s Association, and has created several online, self-paced RACE continuing education inventory courses.

Now, Nicole brings you Inventory Ally, the software that will make re-order points and cycle counting simple and intuitive.

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We've got A's for your Q's

Do you integrate with my practice management system?

No, but here's why that's okay.

Inventory Ally uses order history in order to analyze your hospital's consumption of all products. We prioritize items in cycle counts to ensure high-value items are engaged frequently and therefore managed well. This also allows us to manage all inventory in the hospital, including white goods which PIMS can't do.

PIMS data is based only on the Point of Sale (POS) information when items are invoiced. In most hospitals, it is inaccurate for many reasons and difficult to manage so we opted to leverage far more reliable data, your ordering history.

We may incorporate some PIMS data in the future to augment the order history data and enhance reporting. This could allow for us to identify and improve the responsiveness of the program to changes in demand. This is something the system already does well, but we are always looking for ways to enhance our customer's experience so look forward to future updates.

How will Inventory Ally know when I'm running low on something?

You will tell IA when you are getting low simply by counting a few items each week. Inventory Ally leverages weekly cycle counts to keep an eye on your inventory levels. Your most important items will be counted every week where other items are only engaged every other week, once a month or once per quarter. This prioritization helps you and IA keep an eye on all of your inventory in a very managed process. In the end, you will spend far less time on managing your inventory, reduce nearly all of your stockouts (running out of items) and your COGS will be optimized for your hospital's demand.

Inventory Ally predicts based on order history which is not always going to represent your future demand (think new doctor, new product, etc) so you may still choose to continue with additional "backup practices" like reorder tags or a VIP list. We can also share some best practices with regard to changing cycle counts for some items so they can respond faster to changes you identify.