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Inventory Ally Wins Veterinary Innovation Summit Pitch Competition

Emmitt Nantz
31 Oct 2023
Inventory Ally Wins Veterinary Innovation Summit Pitch Competition

Exciting news! Inventory Ally came out on top at the 2023 Veterinary Innovation Summit Pitch Competition, a highlight of the event sponsored by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) and the Veterinary Innovation Council. Held from October 9-11, 2023, in Kansas City, Missouri, the VIS stands out as a one-of-a-kind conference for veterinary professionals, industry members, and students. It offers a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge advancements, share knowledge, and shape the future of animal health.

Inventory Ally stood out from a highly competitive field of industry innovators in the veterinary space. This cutting-edge software enhances operational efficiency and time management for veterinary practices, allowing them to eliminate the wasteful spending of tens of thousands of dollars each year on supplies and goods – funds that could be redirected toward investing in team development, modern equipment, or hospital improvements.

The judges for this year’s Veterinary Innovation Summit Pitch Competition included:

  • Bob Lester, DVM, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at WellHaven Pet Health
  • Ravi Sheshappa, MBA, PMP, PMC, Vice President of Product Management at Covetrus
  • Dana Varble, DVM, CAE, Chief Veterinary Officer at NAVC
  • Aaron Wallace, DVM, MBA, Vice President of Business Development at VetSource. 

Founded by Emmitt Nantz and Nicole Clausen, Inventory Ally is on a mission to save hospitals time and money by optimizing inventory replenishment. It uses predictive analytics and the practice’s order history to optimize a weekly cycle count schedule, prioritize items based on their value and sales volume, and recommend the optimal restock amounts for every item. This allows hospitals to maintain optimal stock levels, reducing excess and shortages, ultimately elevating profit margins, saving time, and alleviating stress for the team.

Inventory Ally provides in-depth analytical insights into critical performance indicators that are typically out of reach. Through the seamless integration of order history with Practice Information Management System (PIMS) data, it highlights opportunities in various key areas, including shrink reduction, margin improvement, optimization of sales mix, efficient inventory management, and the identification of redundant formulary items.

“We are honored to have won this year’s pitch competition at the Veterinary Innovation Summit and humbled to compete with two other amazing finalists, Veterinary Electronic Assistant (VEA) and High Five,” said Emmitt Nantz, Inventory Ally Co-Founder. “The opportunities for new technology in veterinary medicine are staggering, and we are excited to see how this innovation helps improve the daily workflows of the dedicated veterinary teams.” 

As the winner, Inventory Ally was awarded a $5,000 prize and a free entry to the Startup Circle at VMX 2024, the world’s premiere veterinary expo that will be held in Orlando on January 13-17, 2024.