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Inventory Ally Integrates with Shepherd Veterinary Software for Enhanced Inventory Management

Emmitt Nantz
23 Jan 2024
Inventory Ally Integrates with Shepherd Veterinary Software for Enhanced Inventory Management

Inventory Ally is proud to announce an integration with Shepherd Veterinary Software, a leading cloud-based practice management system for veterinary hospitals. Shepherd users can activate the Inventory Ally integration and enjoy a two-week free trial.

The new integration complements the native functionalities of Shepherd’s practice information management software (PIMS), offering additional insights for inventory management optimization. Inventory Ally’s intelligent monitoring feature provides real-time updates on stock levels, minimizing product stock-outs and reducing the manual workload associated with physical counts. This integration also significantly improves the hospital’s overall financial performance by maintaining the accuracy of the data and providing additional insights such as product margins, sales mix, redundant formulary, slow-moving inventory, and turnover frequency.

“Shepherd is the first PIMS integrated with Inventory Ally, empowering veterinary practices with a robust, tailored solution for advanced inventory management,” says Emmitt Nantz, Co-Founder of Inventory Ally. “Inventory Ally leverages a practice’s order history to seamlessly assign a weekly cycle count schedule and dynamically establish reorder points, prioritizing items based on their value and sales volume. Our intelligent system not only recommends but precisely outlines what to order and in what quantities, ultimately saving hospitals valuable time and resources.”

“Inventory management is often an overlooked aspect of practice management,” relates Lauren Jones, VMD, Veterinary Strategist at Shepherd Veterinary Software. “Yet it stands as a critical pillar for revenue optimization. We are thrilled to provide our clients with advanced capabilities through Inventory Ally. This integration elevates inventory management to a new level, unlocking a more accurate, data-driven solution that enhances efficiency and contributes significantly to the financial health of their veterinary practice.”